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Build your own RPi-Tracker


Click on each of the items to the left and add them to your cart. These are the only four physical items you need to build your very own RPi-Tracker.

The Vilros kit comes with a wall-plug power supply. You may want to add a different power supply below, based on your needs.


The RPi-Tracker is a Node/Express.js application designed to run on the Raspberry Pi mini-computer. It uses a BU-353 USB GPS to create a simple tracking device. GPS coordinates are logged to the devices SD card. Data can be downloaded in GeoJSON, KML, or GPX format.

(If none of this is familiar territory for you, don’t worry. You can buy a fully assembled and tested RPi-Tracker HERE, ready to work out of the box with Crumb Share.)

Ready to build your RPi-Tracker?  All software and documenation is available at RPiOVN.


Power Sources